There is a saying … “just because you Googled it, doesn’t make it true”  … same goes for Pinterest, just because you see a photo with instructions doesn’t necessarily mean it works.

Example … Google: Pinterest Fails

sooo, with that being said, I do have a Pinterest Board designated for postpartum exercises, diet, tips, etc.  I have seen a few similar posts that reference Preparation-H as a belly slimmer. ::insert eyebrow raise here::

I can say that I have used Prep-H as under eye-cream and found it to work.  This morning I bought a tube because well, I am curious! I did feel strange buying it as though I owed the cashier an explanation.  Truth was, she was too busy on her cell phone to notice.

DISCLOSURE: I am not expecting a miracle or even a 6-pack but even with working out 3-5 days a week and eating a clean diet, there is a loose layer of skin that I would LOVE to see tightened up! Tonight I will attempt the Prep-H wrap and report back!


PH lol

UPDATE/RESULTS: After one try (spread decent amount on my hips and stomach & wrapped with plastic wrap over night), I was shocked to find that I lost an over all 2.5 inches! 1-inch off the hip area, 1-inch off the largest part of my stomach and half-inch off the center of my waist. Not too bad!

Just Because … Inspired Me.

Last week my best friend brought me coffee at work just because and it truly cheered me up! That inspired me to do something nice JUST BECAUSE

This Saturday I am a bridesmaid in a wedding and the Bride seems to be feeling the last minute wedding stress so I sent her “Happy Wedding Week” flowers.  I can’t wait till she gets them! I love the feeling I get when I send someone flowers! I actually think I might enjoy it more than being the recipient!


She LOVED them!!



Just Because … it Means So Much

I truly have the best friend.  Last night I had a pity party for one (two if you count the glass of wine in my hand).  I was texting my best friend and telling her that i was having a trying day and it was days like today that I missed being her roommate.  She always (and still does) knew how to make my bad day better.

Today, she showed up at my office with a smile and few much needed hugs and a Grande coffee.  Simple but powerful and effective.  I already feel better.

** what is the chance that as i type this, at this EXACT moment, her wedding song came on Pandora [Jason Mraz – “I Wont Give Up” –  ::smiling::

What I am Gaining by Leaving

What I am Gaining by Leaving


I am regaining confidence in myself without the need of approval from others. The truth is, no one is/was really looking anyways. Look around, everybody’s face is down in their phone. Drivers, walkers, runners, students, teachers, children, you name it everybody is so busy on their phones that they aren’t paying attention to what is going around them. I was one of them. 

I am becoming a better mother. I play with my child more. I’ve become less annoyed because I’m not getting interrupted while I’m trying to “like” a photo or read a status update. I pay more attention to what my son is doing and I am learning from him. He is less whiny because he has my attention and isn’t craving it.

I am becoming a better friend because I am becoming aware of the people that noticed I was gone and want to be a part of my life. I’m going to be honest, this has and is still surprising me.  Being disconnected has made me reconnect. It’s made me pick up the phone … reach-out and ask my friends “how are you doing?”, because I don’t know the answer because I didn’t see their status update. 

I focus more on my health.  With the free time I now have, I use it to workout instead of sit on the couch and scroll away. Rather it be a walk in the park with my family or actual gym time that I didn’t chick-in to prove I was there. 

I am less annoyed because I don’t have 274 (former friend count) people putting things I don’t want to see in my face every day. I don’t have 274 people complaining about how crappy their day was, how much their significant other pissed them off, how lazy their co-worker is, how shitty their job is.

I am enjoying my meals more, even simple things like oatmeal & water have a new appeal because I haven’t felt the need to take a picture before I smelled it, tasted it … enjoyed it.

I am not an anti-facebooker by any means I am just happy to be on a break! Feels pretty freeing!