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the reason my heart beats the way it does 

this morning started much sooner than I like it to. My son woke up at 4:00, demanded (and ate) a banana, yogurt, graham crackers & miscellaneous crumbs off the floor ::smh:: hello growth spurt! 

We built a fort with dining room chairs, a bed sheet all the stuffed animal friends [Ah: monkey || Paa-Pey: dog and Arr: dog number two] this kept him entertained for a whole three minutes. Apparently tormenting the cat is much more exciting. 

7:00 a.m., brings me an empty soppy cup and begs for milk & cookies. Reluctant because of the time but exhausted with compermise and he gets animal crackers… he only wants them in bed, today, I am okay with this.  

 Moments like this … They take my breath right out of my chest … Hard to believe our baby is going to be two in a months. 

Today I am an emotional mama and embracing this little munchkin, sass and all ..


Healthy Libido for Men & Women

People don’t want to talk about it because it is so personal.  It isn’t always easy to discuss but can be easy to manage. Below are a few suggested essential oils that will help support a healthy libido for both men and women.

Lack of Libido (Men).png

Lack of Libido (Women).png

This Personal Lubricant recipe is natural and exciting to use during intimate moments with your partner. Don’t let the pepper scare you … trust me!


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25 Days of Oily Thankfulness || Day 19: Lemon

25 Days of Oily Thankfulness

Day 19: Lemon

 “When life gives you lemons, make sure they’re essential” — Rachelle Gallinger

Don’t get me wrong… Fresh lemons are still a daily part of my life! Adding essential oil is just another great way to get added health benefits!

Lemon essential oil is revitalizing and uplifting! It is a powerful antioxidant. I add a drop of lemon vitality to my water every day.

Lemon is another essential oil that the list of things I can’t do would be much shorter and easier to create an list of things it can do!!

You know those annoying stickers that won’t come off? Lemon essential oil will take it off! Add a drop here dishwater, it makes a great degreaser! Add a drop it to your rag and wipe down your counters to disinfect!

Lemon – you need this in your life. It comes with the Premium Starter Kit!