22/40: Baby Bump Files

::22 weeks::

although 22 weeks does not sound like much of a dent in the 40 week period, 22 weeks means we are starting our sixth month! wow, right!?

I feel good, little miss tiny dancer is on the go 24/7. Ive said it every week and will continue to do so … I love love love feeling her move. I love the gentle reminders that I AM GROWING A BABY! I am creating a teeny-tiny human to love. It doesn’t get any better than that. Some days (last night) she moves so much I get a bit motion sickness but its worth it and I am loving this “boat ride”. the bitter sweetness is, when this pregnancy is over it will be our last so I am soaking it all in.

I have discovered that my husband’s wardrobe can act as comfortable clothing without having to buy maternity clothing. Hence the oversized pants. Love. 

we have an appointment/check-up this week. I love hearing her heart beat and hopefully we can convince the doctor to let us take a peek.

what’s new in the Gallinger Home:

– we cleaned out the garage and donated two SUV loads to GoodWill.

– I started cleaning out the closets in her soon to be bedroom and admitted to myself, I have too much stuff. mostly shoes I no longer wear and dresses I just can’t seem to let go of. I did however fill a giant black bag and donated the contents.

– my office closet took on a new look. I purchased a few organization shelves and gave new homes to all my DIY items, oily goods, supplies, teaching supplies, crafts, etc. I LOVE that space! Makes me happy. my own little hobby lobby right at my finger tips. I do think it is time to have a make-and-take party. anyone interested? seriously. if you are local and want to host one, I will bring all the goodies to you.

– we made memories. while cleaning, we came across an old family photo, so od my parents were still married. I had to have been 12/13. it was a photo as state fair in milwaukee, wi, we all dressed as gangsters/mobsters and took that classic antique family photo. my son saw the photo and inquisitively asked who that was, I showed him me, his grandma, his aunt and his grandpa. it was grandpa that stuck out to him. he repeated grandpa a few times and took the photo with him. my heart melted. we went to the next room and started playing my dad’s records on the record player. this little soul, my son, started dancing and smiling … the way he moved look just like my dad. the mess around us disappeared as we danced. some of the best memories are the ones we don’t plan.​

[wpvideo pPYZChyA]​

Grayson’s life …

– he is enrolled in his second set of swim lessons starting next week.  These will be at-home lessons with the wonderful Miss Samantha, owner of Splashes and Smiles.  With another baby on the way we want to be confident that he can fully swim, on his own in the event that he has to. he can already swim under water to and from my husband and and and from one of us to the wall, so he has a good starting point. looking forward to this.

all in all we are doing great! see you all next week!

It's okay, be nosy. 

I think deep down inside we all do it. You know, when you’re over at your friend’s house, or anyone’s house for that matter and you secretly want to look inside their medicine cabinet, drawers, underneath her sink and in the laundry room. We all want to know what their secret is. Well here’s mine…

As you can see, Thieves rules everything around us! Toothpaste, mouthwash, laundry detergent, hand wash, essential oil. Thieves and not only smells amazing but it is power packed with immune boosting properties, it is pretty much a badass in the oil family.

Don’t let the small size of this laundry detergent fool you. Size doesn’t always matter, bigger is not always better. For example, in the laundry world bigger usually means more fillers, more chemicals, more toxins, more things to worry about. This power packed small bottle will last you for months and months!

It is safe for even the most sensitive skin, yes I am referring to newborns. Yet it is strong enough to clean your husbands gym clothes. Sorry honey, they need to know.  Thieves laundry detergent is safe for all materials and all machine types including HE! I love pairing our detergent with wool dryer balls, my laundry is 100% chemical free!

The warning label on this bottle of detergent says “if accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water and “… Does yours?

Best part about this… You are going to get a bottle FREE if you enroll with Young Living during the month of September!

What are you waiting for?  Get yours HERE.


21/40: Baby Bump Files

::21 weeks ::

Switching from crown-to-rump to crown-to-heel length, she’s about 10.5″ long! That is pretty big for someone so tiny!

This past weekend we bought a double stroller!  Amazing how something so simple can feel so exciting!  We went with the City Select Jogger, it is pretty amazing!  Grayson loves it and wants to be in it all the time, he also loves the ride-along board accessory that allows him to stand and ride vs. sit. genius invention if you ask me.

Overall I feel really good still.  I attended my second prenatal yoga class yesterday which was really nice.  I am finding that yoga is making my body feel very relaxed and is helping with a few minor aches I was having. I do have to work on focus a bit more, I found myself very distracted yesterday.  I am forming a few new “hi, how are you” friendships which is nice!  Pregnancy is such a wonderful time for so many so it is comforting being in a class with women all going through the same thing at the same time.  

Over the weekend, I sent my husband on a “Dudes & Brews” guys night out. These things are important.  I think too many women forget that even though we as females are physically going through the pregnancy, they to are going through it.  It is a complete adjustment for them too. So a night out is always a good idea for the boys!  I took the time to spend the evening with a fellow pregnant friend.  It was really nice to just sit around and talk. I always say, it is the little things that make up the big things.  Her and I are only four weeks apart, I love that our babies are going to grow up together.

On Sunday, my Husband and Son do the grocery shopping.  Yesterday I was surprised with the prettiest bouquet of flowers.  I love so much that my Husband takes the time to do the little things and includes my Son.  It truly made my day. I mean seriously, look at that face!

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what does your social media say to the rest of the world?

what does your social media say to the rest of the world? il_340x270-987322475_1qo6you know, the flies on the wall. the silent observers, the ‘likes’, the lovers, the eye rollers, the haters …

are you the same person on here that you are in person? do you carry the same attitude? are you as kind; as happy; as perfect; as cruel; as funny; as depressed? are you as boisterous? are you consistent?

you all know me on social media as the “great day” poster. the quote, copy + paster. the oil lady. the happy mom and wife.

I try to be this person in ‘real life’ but some days, the post: “today is a great day to have a great day” is for ME. it is MY reminder to MYSELF. I am a happy and grateful person, I love being pregnant and believe everyone should use oils BUT do know … I do have bad days. off days. days I probably drive my husband ‘effing crazy (it’s okay honey, I drive me nuts too). days I fall short. I am human, just like all of you. I just choose not to share that side because I don’t want to ruin others moods.

my reason for this post …
don’t compare yourself to the “happy girl”, she has bad days too. don’t shame the friend that is constantly complaining, she loves her kid(s) just as much as you do. don’t roll your eyes at that person that is always trying to be funny, he may be really insecure and that is how he hides his loneliness.

be real. be you. be proud of who that is. today is a great day to have a great day!

[current mood: smiling for real ‘yo]