39 weeks +2 days

Today at our appointment, my doctor checked my body’s progress and said that I am still 2cm dilated which I was one week ago, therefore no natural progression. She stripped my membranes and booked us at the hospital for delivery to have our baby girl!

Our check-in will be Friday night with the plan to deliver Saturday morning before noon.  I will still have a vaginal birth as planned (unless medically necessary to do otherwise) my body just needs a little help getting started as it did with my son.

As a planner and a ::cough, cough:: control-freak, I like the idea of knowing when she will be here.  I like knowing that my sister and brother-in-law now have a timeframe as to when they will be helping out with our son.  I love that we will have another weekend baby and as much as I love surprises, I love planning.

I do know, that she still can change the date at any moment but per the doctor … it looks like baby girl will enter our lives on January 28, 2017.

After my Husband and I left the appointment we decided to go out for lunch date -the last one before we are a family of four.  We went to Houston’s.  I had a Prime Rib French Dip with Fries followed by an amazing Apple Walnut Cobbler and a Decaf Coffee … it was amazing.

I choked up a few times at lunch, in the car, at home … now.  I sit thinking about the pregnancy as a whole.  NINE MONTHS, done.  There were days I prayed that wouldn’t end  because I felt like SheWoman.  There were days I fell to my knees and prayed that she would just come today.  I still love pregnancy & feel so blessed and privileged to be able to successfully house not one but two healthy babies. I will admit, the older you get the harder it feels.  All in all I feel very fortunate to have had another overall wonderful pregnancy.  It is bittersweet though.  We wait and wait for this day to come and then it does and the emotions flood in and forget to toss a life ring.

In TWO days (or sooner) we are going to meet the tiny little human we created. My heart is already exploding with love.

39/40: Baby Bump Files

::39 weeks::

Yes, I am still pregnant & still waiting as patiently as I can be. This past weekend, my friend (and very talented photographer), Rachel came over and captured family moments for us before we become the four of us.  Rachel has been a part of the most important days of my life including my wedding, maternity shoot with my son, she was in the delivery room when my son was born and she captured his precious little face when he was only three days old. She’s a pretty special person to us. (see THIS post for photos)

I am officially on maternity leave so it was nice not having to get ready physically and mentally for work.  My original plan was to work until I went into labor but I decided to take a week off before her actual due date.

I did drop my son off at daycare so he could remain on his schedule and I could come home to an empty home and relax without guilt. I do not have plan other than to chill and allow myself guilt-free laziness. I am going to stay in my pajamas & watch TV. I am going to take a bath whenever I feel like it without tiny hands trying to creep in the bathroom to see why I am in his tub.  I am going to eat food without having to share it or rush through it because my toddler may want it too. Nap … I am going to try like hell to nap, something I can almost never do but I am going to TRY! Bottom line, I am going to be selfish for a day or two and truly enjoy it.

Knowing me I will probably also get bored and clean, cook, work on my ETSY shop (www.GraySkyMatters.com), nest, re-pack my hospital bag because of the anticipated cold front, organize and make a few messes. Its how I roll, my mind makes me stay busy.

Random Stuff ….

+ last appointment a few days ago I was 2cm dilated – 50% effaced – her head was confirmed to be down and the new estimated due date: “next week but before the 30th”

+ I am slightly obsessed with turmeric tea right now with a drop of Thieves Essential Oil

+ I cannot stop eating ice. I just love it and it has been helping me not binge eat ice cream like I really want to.

+ I really want the hospital visit / stay to be a quick one so we can get back to our son as soon as possible. I hate the thought of leaving him with bringing his sister into the world. I want us to all be together.

38/40: baby bump files

::38 weeks::

still pregnant, AF.  not too much new to report.  little miss is still cozy, tucked in and relaxing for the time being.  she is gaining weight as expected and going great according to our doctor. this friday, the 20th will be my last day of work before I start maternity leave which I am looking very forward to. it isn’t exactly easy to sit at a desk all day comfortably. if she stays put until her due date I plan on spending on of those days off getting a mani/pedi and a nice lunch on the beach.

I am happy but I am very ready and willing to get this show on the road.  overall the pregnancy has been amazing but I am ready to have her here with us.

things I am looking forward to:
+ rolling over on my stomach when I sleep
+ date night with my husband & a glass of red wine
+ dropping something and the willingness to pick it up
+ playing with my two-year-old without being out of breath
+ long walks
+ shorts
+ shaving and not missing 84% of my legs
+ an ice cold beer on the patio poolside with my husband
+ heels

hospital bag -the essential oil version

Baby Girl is still comfortable & resting before her/our BIG DAY! We have 15 days before her actual due date: January 30, 2017.

While we wait, we pack.  This time around my hospital bag looks a bit different.  This time I will be using essential oils to help me through the process both mentally & physically.

The plan is to spend more time at home vs. the hospital before the actual active labor begins. Fortunately, I live less than one mile from the hospital and have the luxury and staying home a little longer than most. My doctor agrees that I may be more comfortable at home as long as my contractions are not too close together. Moving along …

Reference Material:
+ Aroma Baby
+ Gentle Babies
+ The Chemical Free Home, Volume 3

These wonderful guides will not only help as a reminder to myself but also a great guide for my Husband to help apply oils for and to me.

In these guides are recommended application techniques and a helpful road-map when deciding which oils to use for specific needs.

+ Thieves Hand Purifier – hospitals are full of germs. enough said.
+ Ningxia Red – hydration, nutrition and natural energy.
+ Ningxia Nitro – energy, naturally for both myself and my Husband.
+ Rose Ointment – for sore nipples, chapped lips and dry skin.
+ Clara Derm – for post-delivery perineal healing.
+ Progessence Plus – I plan to resume using this amazing product directly after the
placenta is delivered which is when my body will experience a huge hormonal
+ Homemade Lavender Lime Lipbalm – soft lips!
+ Diffuser (not pictured) – if I feel the need to diffuse I will want to have this on hand.

The Oils:
+ En-R-Gee – this is for myself and also my husband.  He is going to need the strength
+ Frankincense – every day I put two drops under my tongue for balance, strength and
immune support. This is a must have daily for me.
+ Geranium – to apply to my abdomen during labor.
+ Gentle Baby – for diffusing.  this is one of my favorite calming blends.
+ Peace & Calming – it’s in the name.  P&C essential oil is a go-to oil throughout our home
for grounding, centering and overall calmness. it is comfort to me.
+ Black Pepper
+ Deep Relief Roller – back pain helper in a bottle!  also a great one for my Husband to be
able to grab and use for himself.
+ Valor – to help balance my body both emotionally and physically.
+ Valerian – may help reduce the pain of contractions when applied to the lower back.

+ Labor Blend – this labor blend can help support a healthy delivery once labor has started.
It is a synergy of: Ylang Ylang + Helichrysum + Fennel + Peppermint + Clary Sage.

+ Puffy Mama – I use this blend to help with edema and over all puffiness. it is a blend of
Cypress + Tangerine + Roseseed Hip Oil

+ Release – I am packing this to help with calmness and overall chill.  This is a blend that I wear daily as my fragrance. It is a combo of Valor + Release.  I like to apply it to my forearms and neck.

In addition tall this oily goodness I have the essentials:
+ comfy panties
+ sports bras
+ cotton pajamas
+ robe
+ soft socks
+ hair ties
+ toothbrush & thieves toothpaste
+ orange blossom face wash
+ phone charger
+ camera
+ insurance card & ID
+ Coming home outfit for both myself and baby
+ baby book
+ snacks (for all)

So now, we wait …