37/40: Baby Bump Files

::37 weeks ::

The good news is, the cold that I had for what felt like forever has subsided.  The cough is a lingering one but has become slightly more tolerable. Physically, I feel heavy and ready to meet this pretty little girl but the pain has subsided as well so I am happy to report that.  I cannot say for sure what it was that helped push me in the right direction of recovery but I do know Gentle Baby + Lavender have helped with calming and sleep!  I also tried out the Wet Sock Method which seemed to help allow me to sleep some. img_9021

I am not the only one getting anxious. Big brother has said a few really adorable random things lately:

+ talking to my belly: “come on Tegan, come out
+ he took a bunny from her room and hasn’t let it leave his side and said “I’ll hold it till she comes home
+ after installing her carseat: “I will watch her and keep her safe next to Grayson”

God sure did bless us with an amazing child, another reason we cannot wait to meet our daughter.

I finally packed my hospital bag minus a few last minute items that can easily be tossed in. The remainder of her clothing has been washed and folded.  Grayson helped pick out the outfit she is going to come home in with an “aww thats so small & cute” nod of approval. I have discussed the plan with my sister & the daycare.

Along with my clothing and a few personal items, I have my essential oils of choice blended and ready to be packed. A few include a synergy of: Ylang Ylang + Helichrysum + Fennel + Peppermint + Clary Sage.  I am also packing Progessences Plus to help with the hormone regulation after delivery. ClaraDerm to help with post healing. Frankincense for calming and grounding. Peace & Calming, II to diffuse for a calming environment. Tangerine and Lemon for my water. NingXia Red and Nitro for nutrients and energy.

Now we wait. Some more.
I am still working which for some reason surprises a lot of people.  I do have torn feeling about it but as long as I am feeling good I think I rather be at work staying busy vs. sitting at home waiting and getting antsy.

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