what you don't see. 

+ 5:08 up. breastfeeding little miss before my son wakes.

+ 5:48 “Mama!!!!” son is awake. go to his room with daughter in tow, console him because he is crying … not sure why.

+ 6:02 try to convince the toddler that the yogurt he picked out gives him super powers like the Haulk… Never mind not the Haulk, Superman.

+ 6:19 pick out toddlers outfit but not before asking him if he wants the shorts or pants. He responded pants. Trying to put pants on, causes meltdown – he now wants shorts. Outfit doesn’t match but we are dressed.

+ 6:24 bribe toddler with iPhone… Itsy-bitsy spider… Just so he will put his shoes on and get to the car.

+ 6:36 husband & toddler in car, on their way to daycare and yoga.

+ 6:38 Resume feeding newborn.

+ 6:48 change myself and my daughter for the second time because she projectile vomited on both of us, again.

+ finish that one cup of coffee that I poured at 5:34 this morning at 6:59. cold (hold the ice, no need.)

+ 7:01, applying a few drops of essential oil to my hair after a sink bath because I honestly feel that showering may be a waste of time. I will probably get puked on again momentarily.

+ 7:11 keep a sense of humor. Get a glass of ice water, turn on some music, blog about it. I know I’m not alone.

today is a great day to have a great day. right?