Embrace your Hot Mess Self

last night I was busy so I didn’t blow-dry my hair after my shower like usual which means crazy, wavy hair today. I tamed it down a bit did my make-up, wore a new shirt today and then said “babe, be honest … does my hair look okay or all wacky?” he said “I did notice it looked a bit wild today” – I appreciated the honesty and went with a ponytail.

Grayson got a sad look on his face and said “Mama, I like your hair long – can you take the hair thing out and leave it down” – I did & smiled.

When Lucas came back to the kitchen, I told him what happened. Grayson then said “Dada, I like Mama’s hair like that. Can you not tell her it looks crazy” then smiled at me like I was the prettiest Mama in the world.

Gah. I love that kid. Embrace your ‘hot mess’ selves, Ladies … to someone YOU ARE the most beautiful woman in the world.

:: I am not crying::