::23 weeks::

baby, baby, baby …

little miss is an active little one. we had an appointment and she is doing great as is Mama. both of us are gaining weight – um yea – apparently I need so slow it down a bit & maybe not give into all the cravings all the time. oops. I feel good so that is all that matters.

as I type this I am however exhausted. we are currently planning for a hurricane (matthew) or a tropical storm. the twenty-year-old me would have been excited to have a few days off work, a reason to have cocktails on a wednesday at noon. the six and a half month pregnant, mother of a toddler isn’t so excited. but. we deal and we will make the best of it and get through it.

we had the floors professionally cleaned this past week. part of my ‘nesting’ I suppose. this weekend we will be decorating for fall. yay, fall! that is one amazing thing about life with children, everything especially holidays are so exciting and so much more magical.

how I am keeping healthy and happy this week … Stress Away and Abundance have been my jam. stress away on my forearms and a drop in my ice water with a pinch of pick himalayan sea salt for added minerals. abundance on my feet, chest and in my hair. I have been getting quite a few compliments on this scent duo. if you are into essential oils and a young living member add them to your ER order this month! trust! you will fall in love. if you do not have a young living account let me know, I can be your oil girl and hook you up with this liquid magic.