::29 weeks::
this marks the last week in my 20’s … for good! wow, where did the time go?!?! if baby girl goes to her due date she only has 11 weeks to go before she will enter this world & our arms! I am so anxious! I cannot wait to see her face, smell her skin and love her in the flesh.

being a mother has changed me. it has surprised me. scared the living daylights out of me. made me smile so much it brought me to tears. my husband and I are so blessed to be able to love not one but TWO precious hearts that together we created. that still amazes me every second of every day.

the movements are getting stronger and stronger by the day. her subtle movements are now very obvious kicks and jabs. I love them, all of them. this morning i actually woke-up to hiccups that were not mine but hers. i honestly thought my husband was tapping me until i realized it was our pretty little lady ready to start the day.

as we get closer, I am nesting and planning more and more. discussing maternity leave at work, buying last minute nursery needs and a few cute must haves. planning hospital registration and pediatrician arrangements. funny how you manage the second time vs. the first. with our first, I was planning, planning, planning and now I am chill and letting it just happen.

big brother is getting more excited the more we talk about it. we explained that mama and dad will be at the hospital for a few days which is where his sister will be born … he nods and say “yes” in agreement and slips in that he wants to come too. we promised him that he will be the first person to meet her, one I intend to keep. that moment is going to fill my heart so full.

crazy to think that 15 years ago if you would have asked me if I wanted kids I probably would have said no. it took meeting the man I intend on spending forever with to change my heart. now, i believe I was born to be a mama. I couldn’t imagine life without my kids.