::38 weeks::

still pregnant, AF.  not too much new to report.  little miss is still cozy, tucked in and relaxing for the time being.  she is gaining weight as expected and going great according to our doctor. this friday, the 20th will be my last day of work before I start maternity leave which I am looking very forward to. it isn’t exactly easy to sit at a desk all day comfortably. if she stays put until her due date I plan on spending on of those days off getting a mani/pedi and a nice lunch on the beach.

I am happy but I am very ready and willing to get this show on the road.  overall the pregnancy has been amazing but I am ready to have her here with us.

things I am looking forward to:
+ rolling over on my stomach when I sleep
+ date night with my husband & a glass of red wine
+ dropping something and the willingness to pick it up
+ playing with my two-year-old without being out of breath
+ long walks
+ shorts
+ shaving and not missing 84% of my legs
+ an ice cold beer on the patio poolside with my husband
+ heels