I have always had combination dry and oily skin. In my 20s, you could say I was in love with my skin. In my 20s I didn’t believe in sunscreen. In my 20s I should have paid more attention to what I was putting on my skin and not putting on my skin.

Now I’m my mid 30s I am trying to restore all that is lost and take care of my skin the best I can! This blend is something I recently discovered and completely fell in LOVE with!

BLEND: 20 drops patchouli essential oil + 20 drops spikenard essential oil + 40 drops organic cold pressed grapeseed oil. I apply this blend with a roller, every morning, and every night after applying my face serum + essential oils (hemp seed oil + Lavender + frankincense + Melrose)

My skin looks amazing lately! Even my husband noticed!

I used to have a love-hate relationship with patchouli oil. The scent reminds me of my mother, which I love, but there was something about it that I hated. What I did not realize was the scent of patchouli that I thought I was smelling was actually a fragrance not an essential oil… So different! I am now in love with it!

+ great for eczema and acne.
+ prevents wrinkles and chapped skin
+ relieves itching

+ helps nourish and regenerate skin
+ regarded as one of the most precious oils in ancient times, used only by priests, Kings, or high initiates

BOTTLE LABELS: www.GraySkyMatters.com

ESSENTIAL OILS: http://yl.pe/4gjr