November 2020 Young Living Promos

Hello November freebies!!!!!!!

Before you get to reading about the promos, we need to make sure that you are ordering the very best way, which is through Essential Rewards (ER). This is our monthly wellness box subscription program. To learn more about how you can earn points and get all the monthly PROMOS, check this video out!

Okay! Let’s break down these promos to see what you get!

100PV // Free Shipping

190PV // GRATITUDE, 5ml and // ABUNDANCE, 15ml, ER Only

+ Gratitude: This blend was specifically formulated to elevate, soothe, and appease the mind while bringing relief and relaxation to the body. While the body is relaxing, the heart and mind can be opened to receive the gifts that are given each day. We all need a little extra gratitude ya knowwww! This blend contains Balsam Canada, Frankincense, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Coriander, Northern Lights Black spruce Vetiver, and Geranium. Soothing for sure!!!!!

+ Abundance: Good vibes all the time! This blend was specifically designed to enhance magnetic energy and contains oils that are powerful in supporting our bodies – abundance all around! So what’s in this blend? Orange , Frankincense, Patchouli, Clove, Ginger, Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark, Spruce It’s a beautiful “perfume” on your wrists or behind your ears. It also smells AMAZING diffused, and a little goes a long way.


The Young Living Foundation is working with several women-led businesses across the globe, and one of them is a female artisan group called Mabira Collective located in Lugazi, Uganda. One of the most effective ways to break cycles of poverty is to provide women and mothers with sustainable jobs and fair pay so they can provide for the health and educational needs of their children.This partnership gave 752 women fair pay work. In addition to fair pay, women in the Mabira Collective program receive benefits like school-fee sponsorship for their children and medical benefits as well as training in small business development, literacy, and health. They can also receive paid maternity leave, on-sight childcare, work from home options, and opportunities to advance into management positions.Here is more info and a video!

300PV // PEACE + CALMING, 15ml

The name literally says it all. So calming and peaceful worn on your body, diffuser jewelry, or diffused. One of our Premium Starter kit faves and was the first oil I ran out of in my kit because we all need some peace and calming. This is a mama favorite for sleep, relaxation, and that two hours before bedtime when you want to rip your hair out. Ever tried to make your own play dough? Here is a tip for you- add some Peace + Calming and chill those babies out. GREAT for traffic, annoying co-workers, basically anytime you need some peaaace. Emotionally this oil is linked to addiction, argumentativeness, being a victim, sadness, indecisiveness, control and moodiness. (Um, yeah I might need that oil like a few bottles!) Also you can’t get this oil as a 15 ml. You can only purchase as a 5 ml. So this is such fun freebie! Tell me what you’re excited for!

Not so Pretty All the Time

Honest Post

Today, I am not feeling all that cute and bubbly. The photo speaks otherwise, right? (Thank you filters and awesome afternoon office lighting) I didn’t sleep well last night because sleeping upright just sucks! My back really hurts, that and Amazon is a liar! The wedge pillow that promised a “great night of sleep” can kiss my ass. It is as uncomfortable as my old push-up bras were.

That aside, along with surgery comes side effects and healing. Today I am itchy, the stitches holding me together feel like they are tickling me – I hate being tickled. So scratch it, right? Ever scratched a bruise? That is a hard NOPE. I am so over the compression wrap – thankfully today is the last day of that nonsense. Oh, so you know that feeling you get after overeating Thanksgiving dinner; you know that ‘bust out the fat-girl pants’ feeling? Today, I am rocking that vibe & it sucks. This is caused from water retention, anesthesia and healing. It will pass but until it does blah. Speaking of food – I am trying to fule myself with healthy foods to help healing but I just do not want to cook or do anything ::said in a pouty voice::

so today … it is still a great day but today can end. This doesn’t mean I am having regrets, none whatsoever. Just means that along with the fun, glowing photos I share, there is also the super shitty part of the surgery that many won’t share with you. Pardon me as I go fan myself, sweating like a fat man at the beach #KeepingItReal


Day 6 Post Op & on to phase two of healing … I am drain free!!!

Funny (not so funny) story … I was so excited for this day, drain removal day!! So excited that I couldn’t stop thinking about it, but as I did, I got super nauseous and had to calm myself back down so I didn’t puke (3 hours before my appointment).

So we get to my appointment (my Husband by my side) & as soon as I get into the room & take off my compression wrap I start over thinking (in complete spaz fashion), before the nurse even touched the drains I started heavy breathing and sweating. Yep, you guessed it …. I almost passed out … again … just like I did pre-surgery.

Thanks to my sweet nurse and Husband I was cooled down, hydrated and maintained consciousness.

As for the drain removal – yeah that didn’t hurt at all. Like not one bit – just felt strange. I completely over reacted and walked out smiling and drain free. Don’t be like me.

Things I am looking forward to: washing my own hair, reaching above my shoulders, sleeping on my side again, cooking, longer walks, not draining fluid from my body.

Something was wrong but Nobody was Listening

Something was wrong but nobody is listening!

I have received the same question a few times over the past few days: “what made you remove your implants?”

I have been to a handful of doctor appointments over the past few years for blood work, check-ups, physicals just to make sure I am “okay” and make sure I was not crazy. Always asking, is it my thyroid, hormones, blood, etc.? (you know, because self diagnoses are always a good idea ::rolls eyes::) Always hearing the same thing: “You are healthy! You are great! Your levels are all normal or better”. I would always walk out of their office relieved because a good bill of health is a wonderful thing however … nothing changed. Nothing. I still had all the symptoms I went in with the first time.

So I continued to turn to natural + home remedies … teas, tinctures, oils, supplements, massages, meditation, google, social media groups, etc., some days were wonderful yet always some type of symptom linered. Nothing changed except my levels of frustration and the feeling of being defeated.

After a while, I learned about Breast Implant Illness (BII). I honestly rolled my eyes and thought to myself there is no way in hell that my breast implants can be causing any of this. The more I read, the more I learned. The more I related.

After everything I’ve been through, I’m not anti-plastic surgery and I’m not anti-breast implants. I’m pro-information. I think you should have absolutely every single fact that’s out there before surgically modifying your body, God knows I wish I would have back then!

At the end of the day, I chose to get implants and can’t blame anyone else for it. But I’m glad I can set my sights on new achievements.

When you think you’re sick and know something is wrong, don’t let yourself be dismissed. Anything, I realized, can really throw your body out of whack—but you don’t have to settle for feeling shitty.

Choosing to explant has truly been the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. My scars will be a reminder of my journey. So I choose to look at them as a sign of strength vs a reminder of a mistake. Changes may leave a mark and be temporarily painful, but staying in the same place is so much worse.

Confidence is a Decision

I treat birthdays like most people treat New Years Eve. I make resolutions for the year every October 19th. Afterall, it is a new year of life given to me. This year, I am giving myself a gift of health. Tuesday morning I will be undergoing surgery for a breast explant procedure. Bye bye (not so fun anymore) fun-bags.

Looking back it is truly mind blowing to think I got (& hid from my parents) my first push-up bra in sixth grade!! Years before I should have even cared about boobs. However, in my mind, everyone who was popular and ‘beautiful’ had boobs, and I wanted them too.

Fast forward to 26, still carrying those insecurities I decided to get breast implants, selecting a surgeon and a pair of DDs. I was so optimistic when I went in for the surgery. I figured my self-image issues were over.

Here I am to today … a few days shy of 38 years old, two kids later and I FINALLY realize that confidence is a DECISION. Read that again: confidence is a DECISION!

Why, for so many years, did I allow myself to speak to myself the way I did? I would never speak to my daughter that way. I would never tell her she wasn’t beautiful enough, that she needed more of anything to be gorgeous. I would never tell my sister she wasn’t enough. I would never tell my best friend any of the hurtful things I have fed myself over the years, destroying my self-confidence. So I finally stopped speaking to myself the way I would NEVER speak to anyone I loved. I have made it a daily activity, if you will.

Over the past three months (which is when I finally took BII seriously and stopped being in denial about it) I have been working on my self-confidence. Reminding myself that I am in-fact confident.

When any of the not-so-pretty thoughts enter my mind, I remind myself … that is NOT the person I want to be or the person I am! Your love, support and positivity will mean the world through this explant journey!

I will continue to share my story if you care to follow!

We Can Do Hard Things

Wow, that looks super hard! Good job Mama, you are really strong”, my 6-year-old said to me this morning as he watched me workout. He made me smile, his words made my eyes fill with happy tears. He made me feel stronger and so proud.

A little while later, I am in the bathroom doing my make-up; my three-year-old by my side, also ‘doing her make-up’, Grayson asks me: “why do you wear make-up every day?” slightly caught off guard I looked at him & said “I guess it makes me feel prettier”. He responded in a confused tone: “why? You are already so beautiful” – Me: crying off the first coat of mascara I just applied: “you are the sweetest boy in the world – that was so nice of you to say to me” “what do you think makes me pretty?”. He stood beside me, hugged my belly and said: “your hair, your eyes, your smile, your tattoos and your love

His heart truly wows me. I wish that tiny, genuine voice could have spoke to the 26 year old me and told me she was pretty for all those reasons.

A friend of mine that also underwent explant surgery could not have worded it any better …. “I wish I took the time to understand how insecurities of 20 something me would translate to compromised health that 30 something me values above everything. I wish I read the black box warning.”

The thing is, I want my Daughter to know that beauty isn’t cosmetic. I want her to pridefully rock the body God blessed her with; without feeling the need to go under a knife to feel pretty like her Mama did. I want my Son to look at women and continue to see beauty in a smile, a conversation, a kind heart, laughter and kindness not measured by the size of her breasts (I know, it will happen at some point because hello: boys + hormones) but you get the point. I want my kids to FEEL beauty, not search for it in a cup size like I felt the need to.

13 days to go! Looking forward to being on the other end of this to begin my healing journey.

October 2020 Young Living Promos

October promos are here! Make sure to take a peek at all these freebies this month! If your order qualifies at one of these tiers, all the products listed are yours, FOR FREE!

The tea sounds PHENOMENAL, and Inner Defense capsules are legit something everyone needs on hand, ALL THE TIME. They’re great to pop on the regular to keep your immunity UP, and your health at it’s best!

AromaEase oil is a fantastic blend to wear, or diffuse when you’re feeling a little uneasy, and queasy!this whole month’s lineup of promos are FANTASTIC this time of year, to keep your body + mind 🧘🏼‍♀️as healthy as possible. I know for me, that’s SUPER duper important!

October 2020 Promos

August 2020 Young Living Promos

Hey friends!!! Our kitchens are about to be smelling so good with all these incredible vitality oils.

Essential oils are MUCH more potent (and powerful, helpful, medicinal) than dried herbs so here is a conversion chart:

TS = Toothpick swirl
tsp= Teaspoon
Tbsp = Tablespoon
2 ts = 1/2 tsp | 1 drop = 1 tsp | 2 drops = 1 Tbsp
– Add a few drops to your marinades to infuse meats + veggies with herby richness.
– Add to Italian, French, and Mediterranean dishes
– Add 3 drops to a veggie capsule for cardiovascular or digestive support

2ts = 1/2 tsp | 3ts = 1 tsp | 1 drop = 1 Tbsp
– Research has been done at Cairo University for Corianders ability to lower glucose and insulin levels and supporting pancreatic function.
– Add 2 drops to a veggie capsule and take after eating spicy food to help settle your stomach
– Add to Eastern and Latin dishes

2ts = 1/2 tsp | 3ts = 1 tsp | 1 drop = 1 Tbsp
– Add to Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern Dishes
– Add 3 drops to a veggie capsule for an internal cleanse
– Use as seasoning to balance and brighten seafood, meat, poultry, eggs, rice, pasta, and vegetable dishes

2ts = 1/2 tsp | 4 drops = 1 tsp | 8 drops = 1 Tbsp
– Traditional Chinese healers used pepper to treat cholera, malaria, and digestive problems.
– Add 2 drops to a veggie capsule to help curb cravings
Black Pepper Marinade Recipe:
1/4 cup cilantro, finely chopped
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup lemon or lime juice
1 Tbsp Salt
1 tsp Cumin
1 tsp fresh garlic, minced
5 drops Black Pepper Vitality
5 drops Lime Vitality

2ts = 1/2 tsp | 1 drop = 1 tsp | 2 drops = 1 Tbsp
– Similar to Oregano
– Add to European and Mediterranean dishes

2 drops = 1/2 tsp | 4 drops = 1 tsp | 8 drops = 1 Tbsp
– Add 2 drops to a glass cup of water for a delicious flavor
Orange Creamsicle Iced Latte:

2 cups coldbrew
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 toothpick dips of orange vitality essential oil
Raw honey to taste
milk of choice to taste

I’m sorry, did someone peek into my heart and grant me my greatest wishes?

Also, adorable. Kids love helping in the kitchen, so take advantage of the opportunity to teach them about healthy ingredients!

August 2019 Young Living Promos

AUGUST IS HERE. whoa, if you’re anything like me – you’re head is in a tailspin because WHERE DID JULY GO?! each and every month Young Living gives us special promotions…free things we earn based on our order amounts.this month? well, they’re OBVIOUSLY focused on keeping us healthy, our families healthy, KIDS HEALTHY! They’ve got a pretty strong line up of amazing things, and I am excited for YOU to see what they are! HAPPY AUGUST!

Happy ALMOST back to school, and HAPPY * almost but not quite* end of summer! xoxo

Before I share the promos & details, I want to make sure that everyone is ordering the best way which is on Essential Rewards, our monthly wellness subscription box . If you’re not on it yet, watch this short video:

Are you on YL GO?
This is YL’s version of Amazon Prime Shipping ! You pay a yearly flat rate and get reduced shipping year around. Learn more about it here :


Citrus Fresh (5ml & ER exclusive) :
This blend is a combination of grapefruit, orange, tangerine, lemon, mandarin and spearmint. 🍊🌱 Diffusing this oil will help eliminate odors, and is a mood booster! Citrus Fresh can also help stimulate the right brain to amplify creativity and well being. Like lemon, this oil (also a vitality) is high in limonene too so a great oil for overall wellness – your DNA will love this oil – let’s just say that! And that touch of spearmint… not only delicious to add to beverages, but spearmint (vitality) supports the respiratory, glandular and nervous systems. Emotionally, spearmint helps one and release emotional blocks! And it compliments all the citruses beautifully.

TummyGize: (5 ml & ER exclusive):

Already pre-diluted and ready to put on those unhappy tummies! But this is not just for the littles! Anyone can use TummyGize. Similar to DiGize for all things digestion, but I like the aroma much more and the spearmint in there is key for us! This is one we keep on hand always in our wellness cabinet. If you really want to prep for fall, since you are getting this for free add KidScents SniffleEase and Kidscents GeneYus to your ER order! Happy tummies, no sniffles, and oils to make you a genius and help you or your kiddo focus?!! YES, please!!

Super C Chewable:
Vitamin C for the win. Super C combines Orange essential oil with a blend of camu camu, acerola, cherry, and rose hips fruit powder to create a super powerful immune-supporting supplement. Together, these ingredients give us polyphenols, carotenoids, and optimal amounts of vitamin C. It’s chewable, it’s convenient, it’s what you’ll be loading up on throughout fall and winter. Take 1-3 daily, or as needed. This is perfect for adults and kids!
Vitamin C is a super important vitamin. Not only does it help with collagen production, and even impacts the health of bones & teeth but it also helps us better absorb other nutrients. Iron is one of those things! So if you are working on your iron levels make sure to take Vitamin C with your Ningxia Red/Multigreens/etc

Thieves Roll-On:
Gah!!! How many of you LOVE the roll-ons?!! So easy to use! For my kids I roll on their feet and spine. My older kids will even use them on their own! The power of Thieves in a roll-on friends – let’s be honest. Friends don’t let friends live without Thieves. Thieves Vitality is supportive of the immune system. Using Thieves daily is part of our wellness routine. I am super excited about the freebie this month.

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier and Woodland Creatures Set:
The power of Thieves in a hand sanitizer but without the petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, or other harsh chemicals that wreak havoc on your health! It is light weight, non-greasy, and easy to use. If you are like me and you have kids who will each need to accessorize with a Woodland creature (how adorable are those?!), just add a 3 pack of the hand purifiers to your ER order and you will be set! Extras for everyone!

Some highlights on our waterless purifier which is also a sanitizer:

• Kills 99.9 percent of germs

• Effective at eliminating 99.99 percent of many common, harmful germs and bacteria

• Sanitizes hands

• Formulated without gluten-containing ingredients

• Has a biodegradable formula

• Nourishes skin

• Vegetarian friendly

• Final product not tested on animals

• Formulated without GMO ingredients

• pH balanced


July 2019 Young Living Promos

Stay cool this summer with some of Young Living’s hottest products! July’s PV promotion has begun, so dive right in and snag your products. Beat heat-induced fatigue with the empowering aroma of Valor® Roll-On, add a splash of flavor to lemonades for summer BBQs with Lemon Vitality™ and Lavender Vitality, and sip sustainably with our exclusive YL mason jar mug and stainless steel straw. You’ll find all this and more in this month’s PV promo! “**Please note that the Mason Jar Mug with Stainless Steel Straw will not be shipped until the second week of July. If your qualifying order is placed during the first week of July, this product will appear as “backorder” status on your order details and pack slip but will be shipped to you separately during the second week of July

JULY PROMOS are here and amazing!
400 PV Retail Value: $162.9410 ml Valor® Roll-On
Stay strong with Valor Roll-On. Apply Valor Roll-On and enjoy the empowering aroma while you tackle every item on your summer to-do list.

Swipe for confidence. Wear Valor as your signature fragrance for a bold scent that inspires on-the-go courage.
5 ml Lemon VitalityTM
Start your day the right way. Add a drop or two to a glass of water for an invigorating citrus flavor asyou go from groggy to go-getter.*

Cook with a twist. Refresh old recipes with Lemon Vitality for a bright burst of flavor in marinades,vinaigrettes, baked goods, and more.
5 ml Lavender VitalityTM
Get your zzz’s. Encourage a good night’s sleep by adding a drop or two of Lavender Vitality to your bedtime glass of water.*

Meet your new secret ingredient. From sweet Lavender lemonades to savory marinades, you’ll finddozens of uses for Lavender Vitality in the kitchen.
Mason Jar Mug with Stainless Steel Straw
Save the sea turtles. Bring our mason jar mug and stainless steel straw with you to restaurants, theoffice, and anywhere else you’d ordinarily use plastic to help keep the oceans safer for wildlife.

Pass on plastic. Embrace a greener lifestyle with one simple swap from landfill-bound plastic to ourreusable glass and stainless steel straw.
Young Living Seedlings® Wipes
Soothe with Lavender, soften with aloe. Seedlings Wipes are gentle on your baby’s skin but strongenough to handle the day’s messes.

Beach be gone. Effortlessly remove sand, sunscreen, and saltwater from fingers and toes with theserefreshing wipes.
15 ml Peppermint
Ignite like the sky on the Fourth of July. Diffuse Peppermint oil in your home to spark the senses and get motivated to tackle your summer to-do list.

Relax and rejuvenate. Apply this popular oil to your sore muscles after chasing the kids through sprinklers or dab it onto your neck to feel instantly refreshed.
Bonus Essential Rewards: LavaDermTM Cooling Mist
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Spritz this heaven-scent mix of Lavender and aloe vera whenever you need some cooling relief.

Love your skin with LavaDerm Cooling Mist. Infused with aloe, Lavender, Northern Lights Black Spruce, and Helichrysum, this rejuvenating spray calms and moisturizes sun-kissed skin.
Bonus Essential Rewards: Grapefruit Lip Balm
Help sunny smiles go the extra mile. Nourish your lips with our Grapefruit- and antioxidant-infused lip balm.

Pucker up! Keep your kisses lush and soft with this delightfully sweet and tangy balm.
300 PV Retail Value: $97.48
5 ml Lemon Vitality
5 ml Lavender Vitality
Mason jar mug with stainless steel straw featuring Young Living branding
Young Living Seedlings Wipes
15 ml Peppermint
Bonus Essential Rewards: LavaDerm Cooling Mist
Bonus Essential Rewards: Grapefruit Lip Balm
250 PV Retail Value: $64.47
Young Living Seedlings Wipes
15 ml Peppermint
Bonus Essential Rewards: LavaDerm Cooling MistBonus Essential Rewards: Grapefruit Lip Balm
190 PV Retail Value: $52.96
15 ml Peppermint
Bonus Essential Rewards: LavaDerm Cooling Mist
Bonus Essential Rewards: Grapefruit Lip Balm
100 PV Retail Value: $5.59
Bonus Essential Rewards: Grapefruit Lip Balm