I treat birthdays like most people treat New Years Eve. I make resolutions for the year every October 19th. Afterall, it is a new year of life given to me. This year, I am giving myself a gift of health. Tuesday morning I will be undergoing surgery for a breast explant procedure. Bye bye (not so fun anymore) fun-bags.

Looking back it is truly mind blowing to think I got (& hid from my parents) my first push-up bra in sixth grade!! Years before I should have even cared about boobs. However, in my mind, everyone who was popular and ‘beautiful’ had boobs, and I wanted them too.

Fast forward to 26, still carrying those insecurities I decided to get breast implants, selecting a surgeon and a pair of DDs. I was so optimistic when I went in for the surgery. I figured my self-image issues were over.

Here I am to today … a few days shy of 38 years old, two kids later and I FINALLY realize that confidence is a DECISION. Read that again: confidence is a DECISION!

Why, for so many years, did I allow myself to speak to myself the way I did? I would never speak to my daughter that way. I would never tell her she wasn’t beautiful enough, that she needed more of anything to be gorgeous. I would never tell my sister she wasn’t enough. I would never tell my best friend any of the hurtful things I have fed myself over the years, destroying my self-confidence. So I finally stopped speaking to myself the way I would NEVER speak to anyone I loved. I have made it a daily activity, if you will.

Over the past three months (which is when I finally took BII seriously and stopped being in denial about it) I have been working on my self-confidence. Reminding myself that I am in-fact confident.

When any of the not-so-pretty thoughts enter my mind, I remind myself … that is NOT the person I want to be or the person I am! Your love, support and positivity will mean the world through this explant journey!

I will continue to share my story if you care to follow!