I dont know about you but when my Husband and Son get bit my those annoying stingers, their skin BLOWS UP!  Not much fun trying to enjoy the outdoors swatting at those little itch machines.

This is a wonderful DIY Spray made with all natural ingredients including Young Living Essential Oils! Double Yay!
Bug Spray
Best part about this spray is, it is safe for even the most sensitive skin!  Added bonus … look-up the oils individually and you will see the many, many added health benefits this spray will provide for you and your loved ones.  Can you say that about your current spray?

CONFESSION: I used to chance getting bit just to avoid having to spray that other crap on me!

Take a look at what you are using, look it up on EWG, still happy with your choices? Didnt think so. The spray you are currently using repels pests, sure BUT it is causing so many other health issues! If you cant put it IN your body do not put in ON your body. Its simple.

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