Day 6 Post Op & on to phase two of healing … I am drain free!!!

Funny (not so funny) story … I was so excited for this day, drain removal day!! So excited that I couldn’t stop thinking about it, but as I did, I got super nauseous and had to calm myself back down so I didn’t puke (3 hours before my appointment).

So we get to my appointment (my Husband by my side) & as soon as I get into the room & take off my compression wrap I start over thinking (in complete spaz fashion), before the nurse even touched the drains I started heavy breathing and sweating. Yep, you guessed it …. I almost passed out … again … just like I did pre-surgery.

Thanks to my sweet nurse and Husband I was cooled down, hydrated and maintained consciousness.

As for the drain removal – yeah that didn’t hurt at all. Like not one bit – just felt strange. I completely over reacted and walked out smiling and drain free. Don’t be like me.

Things I am looking forward to: washing my own hair, reaching above my shoulders, sleeping on my side again, cooking, longer walks, not draining fluid from my body.