An up side to having a slight case of social anxiety is the fact that people with social anxiety usually don’t show up for events.  Hence the Pity Party I almost attended this morning.

I am pregnant (12.5 weeks) therefore I am clumsy, emotional, scatter brained and on edge at times.  I woke up feeling great today!

Last night I got a hair cut and I also overcame a fear by participating in a challenge in one of my business groups to record and share a video regarding my Young Living business. So, when I feel great I tend to dress a bit nicer for the day [dress + heels + tassel necklace + drop of Frankincense under the tongue & even a few curls in my hair].  I was ready for the day however, my glow slowly dimmed as the morning progressed at no fault but my own.  As usual, I was trying to do too many things at once within a short timeframe, creating room for error and letdown.  I will spare you all the details.  As the clock continued to race forward and it was time to depart the casa, I grabbed one (probably three) too many things and stumbled out of the front door spilling my coffee & dropping all my stuff including the greatness I felt about myself today.

TO: Rachelle
FROM: Ra-Shell
WHAT: Pity Party for One
TIME: You’re Already Here

As I put the car in reverse I stopped myself from leaving the driveway for a brief moment as the tears flooded my eyes, reached in my bag through the watery haze and pulled out one of my oils … Stress Away. I added one drop to the palms of my trebling hands, rubbed them together and inhaled deeply.  The tears remind still in my eyes but I moved on and tossed that invitation out the window. Metaphorical Littering.

As we drove away from the mess I left behind, my son pointed out the moon with pure excitement and made sure I saw it “Mama look the moon, in the sky, wow!”  I smiled at his reminder that it is the little things that can make it all better.  Rather than allowing all the little things to get in our way.moonI dropped my son off with a few extra hugs and kisses, got back in the car took adeep  breath, turned up the radio and reminded myself that today is a great day to have a great day. Great Day