Are you sick of spending time and money trying to find the perfect face regimen with no results? I was too!

If you are anything like me, you are constantly on the hunt for the perfect face product(s). The perfect cleanser, the perfect toner, moisturizer, blemish control and magic fix it all potion.  I spent an embarrassing amount of time and money looking for the perfect product. I would search online: what is the best product to use for dull skin – DIY face toner – Mature Skin (that one is still a hard pill to swallow – ha). 
FINALLY, after almost 35 years (still can’t believe I will be 35 in a few weeks), I have found that everything I ever needed, I had the whole time. Ready for the magic trick?
Good ol’ H2O. Yep. That is it. Water!
I know what you might be thinking [WTF is she talking about] … let me explain:
Two weeks ago my face was pissed off at me. It was dry, dull, broken out and just looked like crap. I had a bathroom full of washes, serums and toners but nothing, not even patience was working. So, I turned to water and a microfiber cloth. Nothing fancy, just a clean microfiber cloth & tap water. During my endless hunt for great skin, I came across a few articles claiming that noting is needed other than a good diet & simplified cleansing.  I figured, I had nothign to loose!  I got a clean microfiber cloth wet with warm water and began wiping my face, removing my makeup. I ran the cloth back under the water, flipped it to the clean side and repeated until my make-up was off and my face felt clean.
I followed this with my nightly facial essential oils (will list below) and prayed for the best. When I woke up, my face felt clean still so I started to trust the process and repeated this cleansing method that morning with a new, clean cloth & just water. I then did this every day for two weeks … no soap whatsoever.  My results …
My skin is happy! It is glowing, it is blemish free and I am noticing that my pores are shrinking on my nose (this has always been a problem area for me). So, if you too are unhappy with your skin; ditch the bottles and reach for some good ol’ H2O!!
Remove make-up with water and microfiber cloth.
Tone. I use a pre-made blend of equal parts ACV (Braggs) + Distilled H2O and a few drops of Rosemary Essential Oil & Tea Tree Essential Oil in a 2oz spray bottle.
Moisturize. I do a two part moisturizing based on my skin type (combo dry + oily. issue: clogged pores on nose and chin)
A small dab of Sheerlume’ + 1 drop each: Frankinsence; Patchouli & Lavender Essential Oil. Followed by five drops of a pre-blened mix of Roseseed Hip Oil + Hempseed Oil + Jojoba Oil
When and if I have a blemish, I reach for Manuka or Tea Tree and Spot treat.  Nine out of Ten times I will walk-up and the spot will be GONE!

I would love to hear from you if you give this method a try!  Happy Cleansing!