Baby Girl is still comfortable & resting before her/our BIG DAY! We have 15 days before her actual due date: January 30, 2017.

While we wait, we pack.  This time around my hospital bag looks a bit different.  This time I will be using essential oils to help me through the process both mentally & physically.

The plan is to spend more time at home vs. the hospital before the actual active labor begins. Fortunately, I live less than one mile from the hospital and have the luxury and staying home a little longer than most. My doctor agrees that I may be more comfortable at home as long as my contractions are not too close together. Moving along …

Reference Material:
+ Aroma Baby
+ Gentle Babies
+ The Chemical Free Home, Volume 3

These wonderful guides will not only help as a reminder to myself but also a great guide for my Husband to help apply oils for and to me.

In these guides are recommended application techniques and a helpful road-map when deciding which oils to use for specific needs.

+ Thieves Hand Purifier – hospitals are full of germs. enough said.
+ Ningxia Red – hydration, nutrition and natural energy.
+ Ningxia Nitro – energy, naturally for both myself and my Husband.
+ Rose Ointment – for sore nipples, chapped lips and dry skin.
+ Clara Derm – for post-delivery perineal healing.
+ Progessence Plus – I plan to resume using this amazing product directly after the
placenta is delivered which is when my body will experience a huge hormonal
+ Homemade Lavender Lime Lipbalm – soft lips!
+ Diffuser (not pictured) – if I feel the need to diffuse I will want to have this on hand.

The Oils:
+ En-R-Gee – this is for myself and also my husband.  He is going to need the strength
+ Frankincense – every day I put two drops under my tongue for balance, strength and
immune support. This is a must have daily for me.
+ Geranium – to apply to my abdomen during labor.
+ Gentle Baby – for diffusing.  this is one of my favorite calming blends.
+ Peace & Calming – it’s in the name.  P&C essential oil is a go-to oil throughout our home
for grounding, centering and overall calmness. it is comfort to me.
+ Black Pepper
+ Deep Relief Roller – back pain helper in a bottle!  also a great one for my Husband to be
able to grab and use for himself.
+ Valor – to help balance my body both emotionally and physically.
+ Valerian – may help reduce the pain of contractions when applied to the lower back.

+ Labor Blend – this labor blend can help support a healthy delivery once labor has started.
It is a synergy of: Ylang Ylang + Helichrysum + Fennel + Peppermint + Clary Sage.

+ Puffy Mama – I use this blend to help with edema and over all puffiness. it is a blend of
Cypress + Tangerine + Roseseed Hip Oil

+ Release – I am packing this to help with calmness and overall chill.  This is a blend that I wear daily as my fragrance. It is a combo of Valor + Release.  I like to apply it to my forearms and neck.

In addition tall this oily goodness I have the essentials:
+ comfy panties
+ sports bras
+ cotton pajamas
+ robe
+ soft socks
+ hair ties
+ toothbrush & thieves toothpaste
+ orange blossom face wash
+ phone charger
+ camera
+ insurance card & ID
+ Coming home outfit for both myself and baby
+ baby book
+ snacks (for all)

So now, we wait …