Last night as I was blowdrying my hair, I looked in the mirror and smiled.  I smiled because I was happy with my hair color. Then it dawned on me that last time I went to the salon and got my hair colored was 8 months ago.  That has been a savings of about $1,600.00 (based on my bank account statements + tip)!!

That got me thinking about all the other unnecessary things I cut out, like nails!  The last time I got a mani/pedi (in a salon) was 10 months ago!! That is a savings of about $570.00!!

That is OVER $2,000.00 saved in only 10 months!

Now lets backtrack … I still do my hair, my makeup and my nails but I no longer pay someone to do it for me.  I no longer color my hair because I just don’t want to.  I like the natural color I haven’t seen since I was 14 (yikes).

The point of this post is, we say we can’t afford things but if we take a look at the things we spend our money on, we can afford it if we change what we spend our money on.
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Other money saving areas in my life: 

Lunch – every day I bring my lunch to work with me.  That is an average savings of $2,080.00 a year (based on an average of $8.00 a day, 5 days a week)

Coupons – sometimes I do it old-school and cut them out.  Other times I go online, click what i want/need and press print.

Most of the time it is all digital.  My grocery store, Publix offers digital coupons which is so convenient, all I have to do is provide my phone number to the cashier or type it in on the credit card machine.

Ibotta – reverse couponing! Get paid back for the things you have already bought! Scan and Bam! Cash back!

Amazon – I mean I feel like the only thing I didnt get from Amazon is my family haha. Seriously, I buy so much from them! Great prices and with Prime it comes within two days!!

Saving money is easy!!  If you try.

Biggest money saver is being a Young Living Member and I will tell you why:

1) I save on doctor visits, co-pays, deductibles, prescriptions, etc., because  I am more proactive than I have even been rather than being re-active!

2) I save on OTC medications as I have replaced them all with essential oils.

3) Bathroom Beauty Products – I make 95% of my bathroom beauty products such as:
– face lotion
– make-up remover
– serum
– blemish stick
feminine hormone support
– diaper cream
– booger wipes
– hand purifier
– bath salts
– immune booster rollers
– body scrubs

4) Household cleaners – you guys! I have tossed ALL cleaning products and use essential oils and/or Thieves Cleaner … ONLY. for ALL cleaning including floors, toilets, toys, carpet, laundry, tile, wood floors, counters, stoves, trash cans, showers, stains, glass, windows, mirrors, dishwasher, etc.

I have not gone crazy, I have not gone crunchy I just got a little smarter about what is in my home!  If I can put it ON my body I want it to be safe enough that I can put it IN my body. No, I am not going to drink my cleaner BUT if I did I wouldn’t have to call poison control.

It’s your life, your family, your choice … I can help you make small changes.  I started with one thing at a time and now a year in, I feel AMAZING about all my decisions!

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