The greatest source of unhappiness comes from inside.” ― Jim Rohn

what is it that is holding you back from being happy? are you the kind of person that always sees the downside vs. the greatness in a situation? do you complain that it is too hot outside or are you thankful that the sun is shining?
sounds easy right? I know it isn’t like flipping a light switch & all of a sudden you are happy, I get it BUT you can change the way you view life and in time, your small changes will create a large impact within yourself.
for those of you that are parents; you are familiar with the whole bedtime ‘routine’ – wake-up ‘routine’ – after school ‘routine’ … but what about YOU?
do you have a routine for yourself to create a path for your day? do you have a routine to unwind, unload and give thanks?
I do. and let me tell you, it helps so much!
wake up
wash face + apply essential oils:
great for balance. if you are a female, you need this magical potion. if you are a male and have a female in your life, she needs it. you will thank me. I promise it will change you.

I then proceed with the Great Day Protocol, formulated by Gary Young. 

Valor Essential Oil, also known for balancing the body’s electrical energy. Apply a few drops in the palm of your left hand, gently rub your palms together, and bring your oiled palms to your nose and inhale. Set your intention for the day, utilizing the grounding properties of this blend. Next, put some Valor on the back of your neck and then place another drop on the inside of your wrists and hold your wrist together for a moment. As you hold the pulse points of your wrists together, again breathe in the oil blend and take a moment to be still while affirming your intentions for the day. What state of being would you like to cultivate? What do you want to accomplish today?
Place a drop of Harmony on your left palm, rub your palms together, inhaling the oil blend and place some Harmony on your solar plexus, just below your sternum, and above your belly button. This is your third chakra, or your “will” energy center. As you inhale the aroma, use the affirmation, “Let my will harmonize and align to the greater good for all I connect with today.” You may have a specific intention for harmonizing with your customers, your co-workers, family, friends, etc.
This blend is one of Young Living’s signature essential oils. Place a drop of Joy into your left palm, rub your hands together, and slowly inhale the scent. Then place your hands on your heart. If you are looking to become more open hearted, use these moments to let this blend infuse into your heart’s desire.
This blend is known for its properties for energetic protection, like a bouncer for negative energy or disturbing thoughts. Place a drop of White Angelica in your left palm, rub your palms together and deeply inhale. Then gently brush your palms over the crown of your head, down your neck, shoulders, chest, torso, and all the way down your legs to your feet. Imagine this blend encasing your entire body, like a guardian shield. Again, revisit your intention for your day.


during my drive to daycare with my kids, we go over a list of things we are thankful for.  we do this every single day.  doing this sets a tone to be appreciative which creates happiness.  this encourages us to focus on all the good in our lives.

sometimes it is simple like, I am thankful for the sun.  other days we are thankful for the way a specific person was to us or for a specific thing someone did for us.  the way we love someone or how lucky we are to have jobs, food to eat, shoes on our feet, friends to laugh with. you will find that in time, this list grows and becomes so much more intentional.

this is now something that I crave, like my coffee. being thankful is never a bad thing. the greatest part … my three-year-old will start the list if I don’t, he too needs and loves this exercise.

what are you thankful for?