I am writing this entry with frustration and hurt. I am getting how I feel off my chest with intention and also as a promise not only to myself but to every.single.person in my life …

Social media is very convenient, it is fun and can be extremely wonderful if and when used properly, used sparingly. With the good also comes the not so good – social media it is also dark, lonely and disappointing. Think about all of the “likes” you have ever given – think about all the “likes” you have received, now take a look at your incoming calls, texts and/or social life. Are those “likers” around? When was the last time the person that “liked” you, hugged you or even called you?

 This is my sad realization and the basis of this entry. My “likes” don’t show love. The people that are around the most aren’t around at all. This hurts – bad.

 “Liking” photos and posts on facebook and instagram does not make you involved in someone’s life, it just doesn’t. It shows that you saw something, yes but are you really involved? “Likes” don’t replace hugs – “likes” don’t substitute for a cup of coffee with a friend, “likes” don’t make you a better aunt, a number one fan or even a good sister, “likes” don’t show that you care … they just don’t.

This is my promise as I fight through the tears … from this point forward, I PROMISE to “like” less and love more. I hope my friends and family will join me with this promise.