Honest Post

Today, I am not feeling all that cute and bubbly. The photo speaks otherwise, right? (Thank you filters and awesome afternoon office lighting) I didn’t sleep well last night because sleeping upright just sucks! My back really hurts, that and Amazon is a liar! The wedge pillow that promised a “great night of sleep” can kiss my ass. It is as uncomfortable as my old push-up bras were.

That aside, along with surgery comes side effects and healing. Today I am itchy, the stitches holding me together feel like they are tickling me – I hate being tickled. So scratch it, right? Ever scratched a bruise? That is a hard NOPE. I am so over the compression wrap – thankfully today is the last day of that nonsense. Oh, so you know that feeling you get after overeating Thanksgiving dinner; you know that ‘bust out the fat-girl pants’ feeling? Today, I am rocking that vibe & it sucks. This is caused from water retention, anesthesia and healing. It will pass but until it does blah. Speaking of food – I am trying to fule myself with healthy foods to help healing but I just do not want to cook or do anything ::said in a pouty voice::

so today … it is still a great day but today can end. This doesn’t mean I am having regrets, none whatsoever. Just means that along with the fun, glowing photos I share, there is also the super shitty part of the surgery that many won’t share with you. Pardon me as I go fan myself, sweating like a fat man at the beach #KeepingItReal