Did you know that pain is the greatest motivator? Sad but true.


So here’s the deal, essential oils are not a cure in a bottle, they will not give you instant abs. They will not fix your marriage. They will not make you a better person and they aren’t going to stop your child from throwing temper tantrums.

What they will do is help you get to the better part of yourself which will lead to better aspects of your life. Simple things like managing stress can lead to the way we respond to situations leading to better outcomes & an overall better life. 

SCENARIO: If you are calm and your child acts out, your reaction is more likely to be of a calm manner. If your child acts out when you are stressed out, it is more probable that you will yell causing the situation to escalate. Causing your child to cry harder, yell louder and act out in frustration in-turn causing your level of stress to also rise. Sound familiar?

FACT: Workplace-related stress has become today’s most serious occupational hazard. Aromatherapy is a simple, convenient and non-invasive method of stress relief.

So … here is where I come in…

Me: Knock-Knock
You: Who’s There?
Me: Help
You: Help Who?
Me: Young Living. Call me. Its time to talk.

I am not selling you bulls_ _ t in a bottle, I am not selling anything as a matter of fact. I am sharing my love and passion for essential oils in the hopes that they can help you too.