There is a saying … “just because you Googled it, doesn’t make it true”  … same goes for Pinterest, just because you see a photo with instructions doesn’t necessarily mean it works.

Example … Google: Pinterest Fails

sooo, with that being said, I do have a Pinterest Board designated for postpartum exercises, diet, tips, etc.  I have seen a few similar posts that reference Preparation-H as a belly slimmer. ::insert eyebrow raise here::

I can say that I have used Prep-H as under eye-cream and found it to work.  This morning I bought a tube because well, I am curious! I did feel strange buying it as though I owed the cashier an explanation.  Truth was, she was too busy on her cell phone to notice.

DISCLOSURE: I am not expecting a miracle or even a 6-pack but even with working out 3-5 days a week and eating a clean diet, there is a loose layer of skin that I would LOVE to see tightened up! Tonight I will attempt the Prep-H wrap and report back!


PH lol

UPDATE/RESULTS: After one try (spread decent amount on my hips and stomach & wrapped with plastic wrap over night), I was shocked to find that I lost an over all 2.5 inches! 1-inch off the hip area, 1-inch off the largest part of my stomach and half-inch off the center of my waist. Not too bad!