Once Upon a Time not so long ago, I was that typical “lets go lets go lets go” Girl. If it was Friday, or even Thursday Wednesday I can guarantee I was planning where I’d be for Happy Hour that Friday. Happy Hour usually turned into drinking dinner followed by a few shots for dessert then passing out. As you can imagine, Saturday was spent in bed hungover as hell. I recall thinking to myself every weekend that I would never drink again! Of course the hangover would fade along with the self pitty • next thing I knew it was Thursday again… I wasn’t out of control by any means I just didn’t really have much going on other than work and happy hour. I craved change and unexpectedly got it.

Fast forward (or rewind) to June 2013. It was a Saturday afternoon… my husband and I decided it was time to take a pregnancy test.

Three tests later [within 12hours] we realized it was real and we were having a BABY! IMG_1250.JPGSo here is where it all changes and what I really want my friends to understand. Now that I am a Mother I really really REALLY, love it here in Motherland and I do not miss the hungover, going out just to drink days. Not one bit. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss my friends it just means if you want to hang out with me there is a good chance it may involve me and my child because my free time is enjoyed with him. Sure, I know it is very important for both my son and I to have time apart but we have that, I work, he goes to daycare and when I do get a sitter I like to use that time to go out on dates with my Husband.

What I want you all to understand is when I say “no” [which I do quite often] please know it isn’t you I am saying no to, it is what you want to do that I am saying no to.IMG_2909.JPG My point is, I traded my hangovers for hugs and kisses & I wouldn’t change a single thing!IMG_3204.JPG