what does your social media say to the rest of the world? il_340x270-987322475_1qo6you know, the flies on the wall. the silent observers, the ‘likes’, the lovers, the eye rollers, the haters …

are you the same person on here that you are in person? do you carry the same attitude? are you as kind; as happy; as perfect; as cruel; as funny; as depressed? are you as boisterous? are you consistent?

you all know me on social media as the “great day” poster. the quote, copy + paster. the oil lady. the happy mom and wife.

I try to be this person in ‘real life’ but some days, the post: “today is a great day to have a great day” is for ME. it is MY reminder to MYSELF. I am a happy and grateful person, I love being pregnant and believe everyone should use oils BUT do know … I do have bad days. off days. days I probably drive my husband ‘effing crazy (it’s okay honey, I drive me nuts too). days I fall short. I am human, just like all of you. I just choose not to share that side because I don’t want to ruin others moods.

my reason for this post …
don’t compare yourself to the “happy girl”, she has bad days too. don’t shame the friend that is constantly complaining, she loves her kid(s) just as much as you do. don’t roll your eyes at that person that is always trying to be funny, he may be really insecure and that is how he hides his loneliness.

be real. be you. be proud of who that is. today is a great day to have a great day!

[current mood: smiling for real ‘yo]